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Patent Vector Logo Fall 2020 Patent Vector Analytics is a Course

Fall 2020 Patent Vector Analytics

Ended Dec 18, 2020
3.5 credits


Full course description

Patent Vector easily allows users to explore innovation, technology, companies and other inventors involved in related innovation, and can help assess the value of a patent portfolio, just to name a few! This course will teach you how to utilize this amazing resource. 

In this course, the Learner will:

  1. Learn how to access the Patent Vector (PV) site;
  2. Learn the various entry points to locating a patent on PV;
  3. Understand the why patent analytics is useful to various stakeholders;
  4. Analyze the importance of a patent based on its PV metrics; 
  5. Search for other patents related to a given patent; and
  6. Determine and analyze an assignee or inventor's impact in a given area of technology.

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